Why I became a Personal Branding Photographer

I’ve always been an entrepreneur. For 25 years, I was a skin specialist and make-up artist, owning a successful salon in Mayfair, London. I was always in front of the camera preparing clients for their fashion shows and business photoshoots. Being a Virgo with a strong attention to detail, was extremely helpful to the photographers I worked with, which led to me building interest in photography. I then decided to sell my business and start a new path travelling with my camera. After 3 years I returned to the UK and as an independent entrepreneurial woman, I decided it wasn’t too late to change careers, so I studied and became a qualified photographer.

Having had an established photography studio for over 6 years, made it easy for me to revolve my business around its lovely location. While building relationships with my clients and networking in person was always an easy task for me, it wasn’t the case online. I remember struggling to express myself and connect with potential customers online, which always made me feel invisible.

I knew that having an online presence was the way forward, but I didn’t take any actions until last year when I finally realised that all my potential clients are online.

I started asking myself questions like:

“How do I want people to perceive me?”

“What kinds of people do I want to attract?”

“How can I add more value to their lives?”

After answering these questions, I started thinking much more strategically. I knew exactly what I wanted to sound and look like, I knew who I wanted to communicate with and I was confident that what I had to offer was what they needed.

I created my personal brand identity (logo, colours, fonts, tone of voice), I had new personal branding photos taken and started building up my social media presence. The response I received from the moment I started using my own name more was incredible. People started feeling like they knew me even though they never met me, and they were so much more interactive! I kept in contact with them and started to post content consistently. I also started talking more genuinely and not so much “salesy”, that’s how I generated more interest than ever. People pay attention to real people!

With such a successful beginning, I thought about helping my clients do the same. I had been photographing people in business for many years. I was mainly shooting headshots and commercial, so it was time to offer them something new that would boost their visibility like it did with me. This is when I decided to use my own brand solely for doing personal branding photography & headshots. Today I can proudly say that I have helped amazing people and businesses to stand out from the crowd, helped strengthen their brand awareness and feel closer to their clients.

Becoming a personal branding photographer was one of the best decisions I have made for me and for my clients!

Personal Branding Photography
Why I became a Personal Branding Photographer

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